Pak Pak Kitchen

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Noodles in a Tap,
Satisfaction in a Snap!

Welcome to Pak Pak Kitchen! Canada's first instant noodle vending machine serving the Greater Toronto Area.

We are dedicated to bringing an easy and delicious food experience that offers a variety of great flavors, is convenient and satisfying! 

Enjoy a hot and flavorful cup or bowl of noodles anytime, anywhere, with just a few simple taps.

Partner with us!

We want to work with you!  We offer convenient, fast, and delicious noodles for end customers, visitors, students, tenants and your employees.

Key benefits of our vending service:
- Diverse selection of noodles and flavors
- Integrated hot water dispenser
- Contactless payment
- User friendly experience
- Real-time inventory management
- WiFi enabled for notifications 
- AODA compliant

With Pak Pak Kitchen vending machines, you'll be sure to drive traffic and increase loyalty.

Learn more about our machines here.

Our Story

We love all types of instant noodles...Yummy!  Pak Pak Kitchen was born out of a shared passion for great food that is easily obtainable.  Frustrated with the lack of quick, convenient, and tasty options in today's fast-paced world, we set out to revolutionize on-the-go food options. Through extensive research and working with partners around the world, we were able to develop the ultimate vending machine experience.  Join us on this flavorful journey!